Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May Update

Now that Spring is here and everything is starting to green and fill in the cemetery is really shaping up. Much was accomplished in the last few weeks. As mentioned in other posts we began our reclamation project at the entrance way closest to Route 85 and worked our way into the rear of the grounds. On that side, everything and also in the far back that was growing inward into the cemetery has been removed. All of the gravestones that were obscured and covered are now wide open and the fence line is clear and free of any growth whatsoever.

An example of sumac & brush encroaching inward

Anyone who visited the cemetery in the past knows the condition of what the perimeter looked like. Now that this work is complete it will be much easier for that side of the grounds to be maintained. Everything was removed- tree trunks, vines, branches, brush, and household garbage. Clear viewing for any type of future maintenance work.

An example of what the majority of the fence line looked like

Most noticeable is that the huge piles of brush that lined the roadway in the far back are now gone along with dead fallen trees. Two photos of the back road are below.

Back roadway, making a turn heading towards Krumkill Road

Roadway into the back closest to Route 85

The next area on deck to be tackled is the center hilly area. The tall weeds were cut down but the remnants need to be removed. Hopefully this area can be wrapped up with four or five hours worth of work.

Now that our project is winding down, numerous thank yous are in order. Full names are purposely withheld. A major donor to this work, K, provided funds to purchase a very decent chainsaw which this work would not have happened without that necessary tool. K, also funded the rental of a brush hog which was brought in to knock down the tall weeds in the center area. Another donor, M, graciously provided a donation that will be used to purchase materials for correcting the damaged grave stones. And finally, an unknown woman, who was visiting a loved one's grave was so impressed that she gave $20 cash to me a couple of days ago. She told me to buy a nice lunch. This money will also go to grave stone refurbishing. Thank You!

Before Memorial Day we hope to have all of the grave stones in a particular section of the cemetery that we have dubbed the "Civil War grove" rehabbed. This slightly overgrown area has numerous Civil War veterans and their wives buried there. Their grave stones are in need of attention before they are further damaged.

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