Around the perimeter of the cemetery brush is encroaching inward swallowing gravestones that are just inside the property line. Letting nature take its course these sapling trees will eventually lift and move the gravestones. Possibly even toppling them. Below is one example of the encroaching brush.

Civil War veteran

Below is the same gravestone, just a close up photo of the stone. Does this Civil War vet deserve this? This is only one example. There are numerous gravestones of Civil War vets in the same condition. 

The photo below is an area in the center of the cemetery that had some type of decorative vegetation planted years ago. However over the years these plants overgrew there original boundaries and are now invading and covering the graves of someone's ancestors.

An example of gravestones that have been hit and moved by lawn mowing equipment is below. Notice how the stones and its base are crooked. These gravestones were not installed in this manner. They were in line with one another. Regarding the granite stone that is laying down, one can only imagine why that one is toppled. Yes, the base is not 100% level but it is not that far off.

Below are four photos of gravestones at a different cemetery that one of the "Friends" rehabbed last year. The pictures depict before and after. Yes, it can be done!




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  1. This is wonderful news!!!! I have several relatives buried in this cemetery. I live in CA but do visit NY when I can. I would love to help with the cleanup when I come out. I'll keep in touch. Thanks so very much for caring for this beautiful resting place.