Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 2017 Update

A game plan is set and work is well underway at the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery. The area to be worked this Spring, Summer, and Fall in the cemetery will be along the road that runs parallel with Route 85. Select stones in the center of the cemetery will be addressed also. Seven smaller stones have already been worked on along the Route 85 side.

Presently I am working on finishing the Bender plot which is on the opposite side of the cemetery. This plot is a left-over from last year. On Thursday Bernie and I raised the top portion of the Bender obelisk that had fallen down a hill. The obelisk is complete now but the rest of the plot needs restoration. The plot has two grave rails and a headstone and a footstone for each person buried there. Unfortunately all six gravestones are damaged in one way or another and will be repaired. One of  the grave rails is completely buried. The rail will be dug up, raised, and leveled. If time permits I hope to make a quick video on the restoration of this plot.

The two large obelisks in the center of the cemetery that will be worked on by Joe Ferrannini should be complete in early June. Joe, from Grave Stone Matters is very busy. He was working for weeks in Philadelphia at a Jewish cemetery that was vandalized.

If all goes as planned this season, approximately 100 gravestones will be addressed this year. Anyone interested in helping out in this venture please contact me via this blog. Thanks!