Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Update

The Fall is upon us and gravestone restoration season is beginning to wind down. A lot has been accomplished so far. Sorry that there are no photos attached to this post. We have about six weeks left of work. The goal is to finish rehabbing all of the fallen gravestones on the Route 85 side of the cemetery. I think we can do it.

A five minute video was created in early September showing how we raised a small obelisk that had fallen. A link to the video can be found here.

Thank yous are in order for a couple of individuals who have recently donated to this project. Richard O. gave a sizable amount- thank you! And JNP also contributed to the cause- thank you!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

July Update

During the month of July much was accomplished at the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery. The goal for this season is to complete the rehab of the last two remaining plots on the far left side of the cemetery and to also upright and level all of the gravestones on the far right section of the cemetery. This will leave the center portion of the cemetery to be addressed next year.

Work is long underway on the right side where we are working from the front to the back. Many stones have been rehabbed also. Two Facebook live videos of three gravestones that needed work were created. Video one can be found here and video two is found here. In order to view the videos you might need to have a Facebook account and be logged in.

Last Sunday a project was undertaken by Brian, one of my partners-in-crime, who has been helping with the cemetery restoration. He put together a small team of helpers who tackled the overgrown hilly area in the center of the cemetery. They did not just tackle the area. They sacked it! The area was overgrown with miscellaneous vines, scrub-brush, lilies, and sumac trees.

The area looks barren presently; but give it time. By the end of the Summer if no additional work is done the area will be quickly covered in scrub-brush again. I am looking for suggestions as to what might be able to be planted there which would regrow each year and not get out of control such as the growth which was recently removed. Perhaps some kind of wild flowers?

Below is a series of photos of the work that Brian and crew completed. On Saturday I went to the cemetery and did some prep work and knock down much of what was growing. However it was the team who came in the next day and removed and cleaned up the area who need kudos for their work! Thank you!!!


Many weeds, etc. knocked down

Towards the end of the clean-up

Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 2017 Update

Although, not much has been posted on this site. Work is well under way at the cemetery. Two hold over lots from last year will be finished soon and numerous smaller stones have been completed. The main focus is on the road side next to Route 85. Hopefully at the end of the season the complete perimeter of the cemetery will be finished and the center portion left for next year.

On Friday, 09 June 2017, Joe Ferraninni from Grave Stone Matter was brought in to upright two large obelisks. One was in danger of falling and the other had already fallen down a hill. For a complete story on the repair of these obelisks see the following link, here at my other site, Finding Your Past: Genealogical Gleanings with the Albany Grave Digger

A very big THANK YOU!!! goes out to Fred; who again gave a very nice donation to this project! It is donations such as these that are keeping this project moving forward. Although, the donations/checks are written out in my name, ALL of these monies are applied towards materials needed to repair and upright the gravestones, and maintain these areas. I take nothing except the satisfaction that the place is starting to take shape and look better.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 2017 Update

A game plan is set and work is well underway at the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery. The area to be worked this Spring, Summer, and Fall in the cemetery will be along the road that runs parallel with Route 85. Select stones in the center of the cemetery will be addressed also. Seven smaller stones have already been worked on along the Route 85 side.

Presently I am working on finishing the Bender plot which is on the opposite side of the cemetery. This plot is a left-over from last year. On Thursday Bernie and I raised the top portion of the Bender obelisk that had fallen down a hill. The obelisk is complete now but the rest of the plot needs restoration. The plot has two grave rails and a headstone and a footstone for each person buried there. Unfortunately all six gravestones are damaged in one way or another and will be repaired. One of  the grave rails is completely buried. The rail will be dug up, raised, and leveled. If time permits I hope to make a quick video on the restoration of this plot.

The two large obelisks in the center of the cemetery that will be worked on by Joe Ferrannini should be complete in early June. Joe, from Grave Stone Matters is very busy. He was working for weeks in Philadelphia at a Jewish cemetery that was vandalized.

If all goes as planned this season, approximately 100 gravestones will be addressed this year. Anyone interested in helping out in this venture please contact me via this blog. Thanks!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 2017

Spring is here! And so begins the work at the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery. Over the Winter, we were at the cemetery about a half dozen times doing various clean up duties, cutting down some dangerous trees, and sumac and vine removal.

On Tuesday, myself and Bernie worked on up righting one of his ancestor's gravestones. A smaller obelisk which overlooks the Civil War grove. Unfortunately, we did not finish that task. The monument base was extremely large and heavy. To make repairs more difficult, this stone is at the top of a hill and next to a large tree. The tripod legs were sinking into the ground because of the weight of the base. It was difficult work. Plus being the first stone of the season I am a little out of practice.

This plot is a hold over from last year. I was not able to complete the restoration of these stones due to becoming ill and colder weather coming in last fall. But by the middle of May this plot should be complete. Before and after photos will follow. Perhaps also videos.

Very soon Joe Ferraninni of Grave Stone Matters should be aiding in the restoration of two large obelisks. One has already fallen and the other will be falling in the near future if work is not completed. I am planning on setting up a camera to do a time lapse shot of one of these projects and transforming the pictures into a fast motion video.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 2017 Update

First post of the New Year! Today's warm weather got me out of the house and in action at the cemetery. A plan was created to clean-up more brush, etc. over the colder months, until work on the gravestones can begin this Spring.

Meanwhile shortly before I stopped work at the cemetery a donor gave $300 towards the cost for a professional gravestone conservator, Joe Ferraninni, to rebuild and level two large obelisks. One stone completely fell over and it is located at the top of a steep hill. The other monument is roughly 11' tall, is very large, and is leaning severely. Time to bring in the pros. Thank you very much RHC!!! This work will be completed in mid-Spring.