Saturday, February 20, 2016

February Update

This post is to update anyone interested in the progress of the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery on Krumkill Road. A lot of headway has been made. Anyone who is familiar with the cemetery grounds knows that the road traversing through it is horseshoe shaped. We began on the far end of the road and have been cutting down and dragging the brush to the roadway edge. The plan is to follow the perimeter of the grounds around from the front to the back and back out to the front on the other side of the road.

We have been extremely fortunate that the weather has been very mild this winter; allowing us to work there in the Winter months. Two of us have worked approximately three to four hours once a week since just before Christmas and we have now completed the clean-up on almost 100% of one side of the perimeter road. The side that we are working on was very heavy with inward brush growth. We actually found a row of gravestones that were completely obscured and never knew that they were there!

As we work our way around the other side of the grounds, fortunately for us the inward growth is no where as heavy and thick as what we have already worked on. We are hoping that this side will be squared away rather quickly. An email address is posted on this blog for anyone who might be interested in helping us with reclaiming the cemetery. Below are a few photos of the work that has been accomplished by us.

Below are two photos of the area that was completely overgrown with sumac and vines. This area was shown in the first minute of the video that depicted the condition of the grounds.

The next photo shows the fence line of the grounds and how far inward the brush was encroaching inward. The fence line was completely swallowed by vines, etc.

In the video, around 2:20 minutes in, the grave site of Civil War veteran, John Eppele, was documented and the video clearly shows how overgrown this section was. Below are two photos showing what this area looks like now.

Anyone interested in helping out with this project please contact us at
Thank you